If we explain in a way that our customers and stakeholders can easily understand; We build and manufacture all the metro, high-speed trains and conventional trains from A to Z to transport them from one point to another using Rail System tools which use a faster, safer and cleaner energy source.

We also aim to create a cleaner world by producing the Energy Renewable that railway vehicles require. Engineering design of the railway sub-structure and project design and implementation of this design, we do A’dan Z’ye

However, we are doing an R &D study for 2 years to make and operate the Cappadocia Train for the first High-Speed ​​Railway Investment in Build-Operate-Transfer in Turkey. We are pursuing our targets with a fully equipped cadre in many areas such as Demand Analysis, Feasibility, Route Maps, Ground Drilling, Gear Back Plan, Infrastructure Set Simulations.

In addition, we are doing R & D, Problem-free Project Development, Investment, EPC and O & M studies on Wind Energy Power Plants and Solar Energy Power Plants, which I refer to as Clean Energy.

Our group, which is going to produce Added Value in line with the vision of Turkey in 2023 and started to invest in investments that include innovation, the main investment sectors are Renewable Energy, Railway and Construction Works. Our company which invests in Solar Energy and Wind Energy Power Plants in order to meet the energy needs of the country, and on the other hand makes big investments in the railway sector to pass domestic production from foreign dependent production. Cappadocia Train, which we proposed to build Turkey with the first Build-Operate-Transfer model, will be the face of our country.

With the principle that SOM does not compromise under any circumstances; To provide the best products and services in every area in which it operates, sensitive to collecting and environment with high quality and safety standards.

Our company is adding value to our country with production, service and arge works with the latest possibilities of today’s technology in railway, energy, construction, real estate development sectors with the experience and expert staff it has got from its partners.