Turkey’s investments in renewable energy sources are of great importance in terms of environmental sustainability and energy independence. Investments in areas such as solar and wind energy bring our country to an important position worldwide. Speaking to Sabah, Solwie Energy CEO Samet Koç said, “Our company is undertaking important projects in this direction and focusing

Samet Koç, who served the Ministry of Transportation for a long time, has the biggest dream of completing the High Speed ​​Train Project from A to Z with all its design and construction and operating it for the rest of his life. The person he takes as an example is Nuri Demirağ… This week, our

SOM Investment Chairman of the Board Samet Koç was a guest on BeinSports channel. Speaking about the Solar Energy-Based Electricity Production Plant Project developed for the Turkish Football Federation in the program broadcast on Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 11:00, the following words of Samet Koç attracted attention: “We are working on a model that